Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jesus (Yeshu) was Executed for saying he was One with God.

Jesus, known as Yeshu ha Notzri in 1st Century Israel, was executed  (Talmud Sanhedrin 43a) for saying that he was "One with God", and that the Kingdom of God was within Everyone. 

He also said may they One day understand that we are all One in God....   When the authorities said that they would kill him for Blasphemy, for claiming to be God, Jesus said to them " Doesn't your own Torah say that You are God " John 10, Psalm 82:6

So indeed it is very clear that Jesus was teaching the Immanence, the Infinite Oneness of God. It is a Pan-theistic view. All is God. Pan = All + Theos = God

There is a Chassidic phrase "Ein od Milvado" which means There is none else besides Him. It is from the phrase "God is One, there is nothing other than God" This can mean that only One God exists or it could be interpreted as Nothing exists except God. Everything is God. 

The mystics understand this concept. It is called Monism, and Non dualism. It is the Pantheistic concept that only God exists. Everything, including you and I and this screen, that tree, this rock are all a part of God. Nothing exists except God. Does this mean that I am God ? No it means that everything taken together forms God. I and you are only a part. It is everything. So I cannot claim to be the One Sole Creator of all but indeed I am not separate from God and neither are you. It means that God (Universe/Nature) does not create the Universe out of nothing, it would mean that Everything is created from Everything. 

We have always existed. Indeed before Abraham, before Adam, We existed. God is Infinite so there is nothing separate or apart from God (God/Universe/Nature etc) All is one. 

In Chabad philosophy, the phrase means much more. Not only is there no other god besides Him, there is nothing besides Him—literally. Only G‑d exists. This is a statement on the nature of the cosmos as much as it is a theological belief.

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